What is and How To Naturally Cure Diabetes 2 Without Doctor

Thousands of people in the world have Type One diabetes and can’t find  effective solution, in fact there are two main types of diabetes : type one and type two. They differ from each other . The type one diabetes , also known as insulin dependent diabetes , occurs when the body is unable to produce enough insulin. In some cases, no insulin is produced at all. The Type One diabetes should not be confused with type two diabetes, where cells of the islets of the pancreas produces insulin but the body does not respond to insulin.

Insulin is a hormone produced , secreted by the islet cells in the pancreas . The function of insulin is to ensure the efficient transport of glucose to the cells that need it. When there is insufficient insulin ( type one diabetes ), glucose remains transportable to where they are needed , then it is necessary to know how to cure diabetes type because it is the most dangerous for the patient’s life .

The cause of type one diabetes is still unknown. It is believed that genetics and the environment plays a decisive role in the formation of this disease. It is also possible for this form of diabetes that could be caused by the body’s immune system . While this is rare, it is not unusual when the body’s immune system destroys the cells responsible for insulin production in the pancreas in the course of a reaction .

Type one diabetes is not limited to an age group . It can affect children, adolescents and adults. It is possible that many people suffer from this disease long before symptoms begin to develop. Most adolescents who are considered unhealthy are suffering from diabetes. Symptoms of type one and type two diabetes are similar , however , there are some symptoms that are typical of the type one diabetes . These symptoms include frequent urination , blurred vision, excessive hunger , weight loss , extreme fatigue and increased thirst urges .

Diabetic ( a) shall be subjected to insulin therapy in order to cure type one diabetes . This is the only way to cure people affected by type 1 diabetes. Insulin is injected into the body , as the oral form has been ineffective for this type of diabetes. The enzymes in the stomach can not allow insulin to take effect. It is essential to inject insulin into the body to survive as a type one diabetic .

There are different types of insulin available to be taken. Your doctor should choose the insulin that is compatible for you. Sometimes , your doctor may recommend a combination of different insulins.

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Along with insulin injection , a diabetic should pay close attention to your diet . Diet and lifestyle should be monitored closely to help control the level of blood sugar . Some herbs are said to be effective in controlling blood sugar , this includes bitter lemon, cinnamon and grape fruits . Also recommended discuss your diet with your doctor if you have type one diabetes and if you are interested to know more about how to cure type one diabetes naturally , read the full article.More here: http://newremedioscaseros.com/revertir-la-diabetes/

Acne Prevention

Below are some tips to help prevent the onset of acne
On the daily hygiene:



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Wash your face . Washing removes fat and excess dead skin cells, but excessive washing can irritate the skin.
Using a gel or cream suitable fat dry acne. most suitable are those containing The benzoyl peroxide.
Remove all makeup before going to sleep.

After exercising, it is important to wash the skin well to prevent sweat favors the appearance of acne.
Avoid touching the skin of the face , especially if you suffer from acne. In this way it will prevent its occurrence or to continue rising.
When you have some acne, you have to avoid the grains burst and pus located inside could spread, causing the appearance of new grains around which was the original.

Change towels and pillow case often . This will prevent the accumulation of grease and dirt on fabrics then be in contact with the face.

Avoid having hair on the face and the hair on the face promotes the accumulation of fat and impurities in the face. It is not recommended to go with bangs combed or strands of hair that fall directly on the face. Should take the hair slicked back.

Foods you should avoid to prevent diabetes

In this articles we will mention some foods you should avoid to prevent diabetes

Without realizing it in our food daily we consume over 25 teaspoons of sugar and spread over different foods like desserts, juices, soft drinks, cookies and even fruit.

To prevent diabetes you need to have in mind the type of foods you should avoid using, as listed below:

. 1 – Simple carbohydrates:

Foods such as jams, jellies, honey and confectionery are those that increase the blood glucose level more quickly.

On the other hand we have the complex carbohydrates which are found in fruits and vegetables that can be eaten while, we do it in moderation because they also contain sugar and fructose.

2 -. Composite flours Food industrialized

Avoid foods like pizza, cakes, noodles, biscuits and pastas and starches are much more dangerous than other sugars and is found primarily in foods like bread, pasta, bakery products and legumes.

3 -. Fats

Another of the foods you should avoid eating are those containing animal fats or saturated fats.

Minimizes the consumption of fried foods. You can change the mode of preparation of your meals opting for baked dishes, grilled grilled, broiled or boiled.

Prefer lean meats like chicken breast or fish like salmon, tuna and hake.

. 4 – Alcohol

Alcoholic drinks also contain high calories and sugar.

Avoid beer, liqueurs, sweet wines and cider, these alcoholic beverages that contain more sugar.

You can consume in moderation drinks with low sugar and whiskey and if they do, do it during meals because alcohol might reduce the level of blood glucose and cause hypoglycaemia, which is harmful to health.

. 5 – Fruit

There are also certain fruits that you should avoid because of its high sugar content and acidity. Avoid eating bananas, kiwi and grapes. Then you can eat sparingly the rest of the fruit, preferring those who hold large amounts of water such as watermelon, pears and apples.

How to Control Diabetes with Natural Remedies?

diabetes imageIt is not an unknown fact that at present the cases of diabetes have increased considerably due to the power of modern life and lifestyle that people lead .Type 2 diabetes is a disease that is deeply related to food and is characterized by elevated blood sugar . This type of diabetes can be controlled perfectly carrying a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition .

There are many natural remedies you can choose from to combat diabetes :

Karela or bitter melon

Bitter melon is one of the best options to fight diabetes. You can only consume or drink its juice. Bitter melon is ideal because it allows balance your levels of blood sugar by bringing to normal numbers .

Turmeric and gooseberry

You can also prepare a mixture composed of equal quantities of turmeric powder and powder of dried currant, you can add honey or you can drink equally a glass of juice, currants and a glass of juice of fresh turmeric fasting every day. This is a very easy to do and you will be very useful to combat diabetes natural remedy.

Grape juice

Grape juice is great for blood sugar level . You can boil a handful of grapes in a glass of water, let cool and drink this preparation every morning.

Jamun seeds

Jamun seeds , are other natural remedies are ideal for treating diabetes since it prevents the sugar becomes starch . You should drink half a glass of water with four leaf puree Jamun tree . You can take a glass of this preparation for about five days in the morning and evening .


This is another ideal to counteract the symptoms of diabetes because it has a chemical that helps use blood sugar naturally food.

To do this you should drink 1 liter of cinnamon water daily and see how soon begins to lower your blood sugar level .

I hope these natural remedies help you to better health. I assure you that if you combine the practice of physical activity and a healthy , balanced diet can reverse diabetes with a completely natural way .